Bord na Móna

A Clear Focus On Environmentally And Economically Sustainable Approaches.

The years to come will see Bord na Móna play an ever greater role in the new national effort to ensure Ireland plays its full part in meeting the worldwide challenge. The company is rapidly decarbonising and as it does it is building a new, more sustainable business and Midlands economy. Apart from radically lowering its own carbon profile, by producing nationally significant volumes of low-carbon goods and services it will help other Irish businesses and communities lower their carbon footprints.

Just As Nature Never Stands Still, Neither Bord na Móna…

Bord na Móna have a clear focus on environmentally and economically sustainable approaches. Since 2007, their plans have shown an understanding of the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels and restore our peatlands – yet Bord na Móna plan on going further. They want to increase their pace in line with the ambitions of both national and international leaders in a way that is sustainable for their people, their profits and their planet.

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