Many companies these days are looking for merchandising to get the best sales out of their products.


There is no doubt that for all parties concerned it really does increase sales dramatically and as such we a have a number of merchandisers who can fulfil different roles, be it heavy lifting and installation of stands through to regular maintaining of small and large areas throughout the retail sector.  The main difference with ourselves and other is the level of professionalism.


Even in installation of stands we feel it’s a priority to liase with the retailer and any staff in the right manner and employ people who understand that it is your business that we are representing, we are not just there to do a quick job and as part of that must know at least the basics of the products and above all are well mannered and thorough when in store.  If you would like pricing of fulltime, part-time or tactical work through Scotland and/or uk wide please contact us at the appropriate email address.

Where we merchandise:

• Waterstones

• Wh smith

• Oxfam

• Klondyke/strikes garden centres

• Dobbies garden centres

• John lewis

• Visitscotland

• Museums and galleries throughout scotland






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